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Different Types of Parking Pay Stations

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Today, you can find parking lots minus the attendants with fully automated payment services. You can find parking pay stations with barrier gates and some without barrier gates. If you want to know the different types of parking pay stations, then continue to read the article.

Let us first look at parking without barrier gates. If you enter a parking lot with no barrier gates, there are many ways of paying for parking in a pay station. There are three options including pay and display, pay by license, or pay by space. In this type of parking lot you simply enter and choose a space and then go to the pay station and pay for the number of hours you need to stay. The receipt you get from the pay station should be displayed on your dashboard for the parking enforcement officers to check up on and see if there are violations.

You can also choose to pay by space. Here you need to enter the space number that you have selected and pay for the amount of time you will be using the space. The parking enforcement officer will know the details through printed reports that he can compare with your vehicle parked in the lot. You can view these reports online or on parking citation writers.

If you are using the pay by license option, then you simply need to enter your license plate and pay for the amount that you will be using the space. There is a printed format or online that the parking enforcement officer can check for a valid license.

if you enter a parking pay station with barrier gates, it is the gates that control entering and exiting of vehicles. You can find parking lots with flat rate payment systems. When you enter the parking lot, you can pay or you can pay when you exit the lot. In this system, no matter how long you stay, you pay the same amount all the time. Get to know more our services offered at Parking BOXX.

Another type of gated parking lot payment options is the full featured parking system. You pay in this lot according to the time you stayed in the parking lot. Tickets are given when you enter the lot and the payment is required upon exit. The charges are based on the amount of time spent in the lot. In some systems you need to pay in a walk-up machine and once the payment is receive you are able to exit your car from the lot. In other systems you can simply pay at the exit gate. Upon exit you can pay your parking fee with a credit card, EMV, bills and coins. You are issued change if your payment is more than the due. For more important details, please view here!

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