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Elements to Ponder When Buying a Parking Pay Station

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The definition of parking pay system is parking kiosk that are automated to handle various parking areas that can include a parking lot. This stations are commonly used by commercial building parking area. The parking pay stations are thanks to the advancement of technology. Life is made easy and efficient by technology advancements. A parking pay station is one of the parking systems available. Some considerations should be factored when procuring a parking pay station. The factors considered ensures that the objectives of the purchase are met. Read more here to discover the factors to consider before procuring a parking pay station. More information is provided, view here.

Parking pay stations can assist in increasing the revenue by acquiring payment for parking. Acquired revenue can act as funds for infrastructure improvement. The parking turnover can be increased by use of parking pay stations. The decision of the parking pay station should meet its objectives. The first factor is whether to procure a parking pay station that is metered or a gated. The gated station needs more equipment that the metered station. Gated stations are complex to install thus expensive. The metered system has low installation cost. Metered stations need a smart parking meter only. The funds and layout of the site are the selection requirements.

The rates that should be used is also a consideration before the procurement. The two available rates are the flat rates and the varying rate. Flat rate needs less equipment and it is simple. One point of validation is needed for a flat rate. The varying rate needs two machines at the exit and entry for validation. For flat rates cost is not dependent on the time spent. Parkers make maximum use of the time spent for varying rate scenario because the rates dependent on the time spent.

The payment terms should be considered, the pay on foot or the pay in line. This decision is dependent on the number of cars. A convenient option is pay in lane when there are few or less cars being parked. The payment that is made before one leaves is the pay on foot lane. In places where there are many vehicles, this option is more convenient and reduces congestion. The available parking space dictates the decision on the lane option to be used Having a pay in lane is able to help achieve saving on parking space. Read this article and you can see features of a parking pay station.

The automation style should be considered, should it be fully automated or partially automated. It is nice to have attendees but errors can occur in account balancing. A fully automated system helps eliminate errors. Generation of revenue and having control is realized by having a parking pay station. The commercial business can use the station to generate more revenue.


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